Meet the IT Team

Meet the IT team

JWCS-Mike-WebbMike Webb set up the IT services division of Jay Webb Consultancy Services Limited in 2009.  He recognised that there was a market place for small and medium sized businesses who wanted more from their IT support than simple providing hardware and software and fixing it when it didn’t work.  Small and medium sized business typically spend their IT budgets investing in short term gains, whether it be replacing an aging PC, or buying an application to help a member of staff do things a little bit better or faster, yet the longevity of the solution is never really investigated, or whether a solution could meet a number of business needs.  There is also the growing requirement for systems and services to meet increasingly complex data management regulations and legislation, where data is stored in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and in some cases has to be encrypted or have specific security guidelines implemented on the systems in use.

Mike started his Information Technology career in the Army, providing telecommunication support for the Royal Artillery from 1990 to 2000, where he went from a Signaller to Signals Party Detachment Commander, Systems Security Officer and Regimental Telecommunication Instructor.  He also provided System Management support for the Royal Artillery’s target engagement systems, authored key databases, and ensured that telecommunications links were maintained.  As the saying goes, No Comms, No Bombs. During his time with the Royal Artillery Mike gained Microsoft Certified Professional accreditation status on Windows NT4, and supported the local IT infrastructure made up of Windows 3.11 and Windows NT4 workstation and server machines.

On leaving the Army in 2000 Mike joined Donaldsons Charrtered Surveyors, managing the technical infrastructure for their Birmingham, Bristol and Cheltenham offices which was made up of 7 servers and 120 staff. Within 3 years Birmingham became the hub for IT within the business, going from 3 servers to 30 servers and 120 staff in the office to run the financial accounts for Donaldsons key clients.  This meant maintaining SQL databases performing up to $2bn in transactions per annum.  He upgraded the entire Donaldsons infrastructure to enable the business to offer these services to clients, and took over the technical management of all 8 offices and nearly 600 staff, including writing and testing business continuity plans and implementing new technology such as secure web-access for clients to view real-time financial data.  Mike also provided IT consultancy to clients of the business, from the business management teams for shopping centres to corporate clients such as Barclays and WHSmiths.  He installed a variety of IT solutions on behalf of those businesses, including Windows Small Business Server installations in the UK and Ireland.

In 2005 Mike joined Enterprise Inns PLC as their Senior Systems Administrator, charged with managing the technical infrastructure and project managing system upgrades and new technology implementations.  He also managed the backup and business continuity processes ensuring that in the event of problems, the entire business infrastructure could be recovered with the minimum of downtime.  Due to the business model this meant heavy investment in recovery solutions as a day without trading could mean the loss of millions of pounds, so investment was made to protect that income.  In testing the income stream systems were recovered in under 4 hours which was 20 hours ahead of schedule and introduced a benchmark from where the business could then look to improve still further.  Mike also took responsibility for under performing systems such as an in-house electronic data management system which had been dismissed as a business tool due to limitations of the original design specification.  With a new design and minimal investment in hardware, the new system was able to search through 3 million documents in under 2 seconds, and return a 360 page document to a desktop in under a second and became an essential reference tool as well as paper saving utility.

Mike then joined Lloyds Pharmacy in 2007 as their Technical Support Manager, which gave him management of 3 teams of staff and an outsourced Datacentre at BT’s flagship site in Cardiff Bay.  Mike managed the technical infrastructure as head of the 3rd line support team, always maintaining a hands-on approach to technical management, led the deployment team who were responsible for the deployment of new systems, applications and updates for 7,000 machines in 1700 locations nationwide and managed the Database team which was made up of in-house and outsourced resources which maintained the databases upon which both the retail and financial areas of the business operated.  Overall Mike managed nearly 2000 physical and virtual servers and over 7000 machines used by 17,000 staff.  He took 3 teams who had a history of under-performance and within a couple of months of joining the business all 3 teams reached both SLA’s and KPI’s for all aspects of there work.  Mike left Lloyds Pharmacy in 2009 following the outsourcing of the IT infrastructure to EDS a HP company.

Mike has since spend his time helping businesses to recognise what their IT requirements are, looking at the of importance of data they hold and implementing systems which support them for not just today, but for the future.

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