Business Relocations

Moving to new office, factory or workspace?
Don’t know who to contact for your telecoms or how to move your servers and computers?
Don’t have the time to manage your business and prepare the move?

Maybe JWCS can help

Moving premises? We can help

Businesses grow, businesses shrink, that’s a fact of life, but the key thing that links moving your business location is that you need to start making your new premises work for you on day one.

For most businesses the key to success is communication, whether it be by telephone, email, fax or letter, you purchased IT systems to make your business run quick, smoother and smarter than before.

Unfortunately when it comes to keeping a track of the IT assets, who supplies them, how to contact them for support and how to relocate them should you move, the information isn’t usually available.  That’s where JWCS can help.

We have managed IT moves across major cities such as London and Birmingham, maintaining large corporate infrastructures and connectivity with clients.  We have project managed small and medium sized office relocations from town to town and same town relocations, culminating in same day moves with limited or no downtime.

We can provide specialist project managers for your business relocation, people who are used to organising both Telecoms and IT suppliers to make sure they are working to your agenda, not their own.

We also have a list of contacts for building refurbishment, surveying, alternate telecoms providers, printing services for new stationary and business cards, business removals companies, and we can manage the move of your PC’s and servers in-house.

So if the stress of moving your business is getting you down, if the project isn’t going to plan, if you are looking for someone to organise your suppliers so they work for you then why not give JWCS a call.

The initial consultation is free, and you only pay for the time you use, not a half day or daily rate.

We can also document your IT suppliers, the contracts you have and whether you are getting the best value in the marketplace.  Previously we have saved an organisation over £80,000 per year on their telecoms spend by cancelling forgotten lines, stopping employee misuse and switching to cheaper providers who also provided a much better customer services experience.  With those kind of returns, some business relocations can pay for themselves just by reducing waste.

Please visit out Contacts page for details of how to get in touch with JWCS.