IT Consultancy

IT Consultancy is the provision of advice and guidance for IT related matters.

The scope for what constitutes IT consultancy is vast, it covers anything from starting up a business to transferring the IT assets to another company and just about everything in between.

With nearly 15 years experience of providing IT consultancy to businesses large and small on a hugely diverse range of technical areas we believe that JWCS  is well placed to assist you will any IT consultancy needs you may have.

The key to good IT consultancy is communication. Being able to ask the right questions to the right people in order to establish what the specific business requirements are. Really its a combination of technical business analyst and project manager rolled into one.  Whether its what server to buy, whether your CRM system can be virtualised, which Cloud services are right for your organisation, or you’re looking to put together an IT strategy for the next 5 years so you can budget for when to replace equipment and software, our IT Consultancy Service can provide the answers you are looking for.

Our experience comes from providing IT consultancy, technical project management and hands-on technical management for projects as small as a printing review, small business infrastructure design and implementation and single site infrastructure upgrades to multi site, multi-discipline  infrastructure upgrades, multi-site WAN configuration mapping, server virtualisation programs, large infrastructure capacity planning programs, desktop refresh programs and large office relocation projects and just about everything in-between.

Having worked for large corporate clients, with IT budgets in excess of £30m per annum, the marketplace for technology is immense.  If you want to perform a task or function better, faster or smarter and the product isn’t yet available, someone will be able to build it for you.  JWCS have that knowledge.  We can help your existing IT team, or work as an independent resource on behalf of your business to make sure the solutions you need are the ones you get.

We always provide a FREE initial consultation which enables us to establish whether we are able to assist in what you are looking to do, and to make sure that it is really something you need to invest in. All of our services are delivered with the utmost integrity. We will not sell any of our services or any other product to you if we do not believe they are required.

IT Consultancy can be offered on either hourly, half day or full day rates depending upon your requirements.

We can also arrange the purchase of hardware, software and installation engineers. Let us do the leg work to get you the best prices. Previously we have saved a business in excess of 30% on a £100,000 hardware order for a few hours work and asking the right questions to the right suppliers. That’s a huge return on investment. Typical savings can be between 15% and 30% on the manufacturers price, although we have previously achieved a 66% saving on a £50,000 software order.

A few examples of the consultancy services we offer are:

  • Infrastructure Review
  • New Business start-up
  • Infrastructure upgrades
  • Server upgrades and data migration
  • Project review and proof of concept testing
  • Desktop refresh and deployment
  • Back office installation and upgrades
  • Capacity planning and archive solutions
  • Shared infrastructure setup for multiple companies

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