IT Policy Development

Policy Development

Our IT policies are designed to give guidance to your staff as to what can and shouldn’t be done with your IT systems. They are also created to protect your business systems from abuse and potential threats. There is a great deal of legislation regarding both the use and monitoring of use of IT systems. Our policies are created with your specific business in mind to ensure that both you and your employees understand how the systems can be used. With our extensive knowledge of HR policies and procedures we can also provide advice and guidance on how to deal with breaches of policy.

We have extensive experience of both authoring and enforcing IT policies on behalf of businesses, giving not just the knowledge of how the legislation applies to your business, but also how to recognise where breaches of policy can occur, and how to deal with them.

As our business brings the best of HR and IT together in one place, all our policies are written to make sure that your HR department have full “buy-in” to the policies, as ultimately, they will be responsible for dealing with any breaches. We believe this is a unique service offering in the UK.

All of our IT policies are written without ambiguity. They do not use words such as “would”, “could” or “should” so your staff are not left with grey-areas that might be misconstrued.

Our IT Policy Development service can be complimented by our HR and Health and Safety Policy Development services to offer you a “one-stop shop” for all your business policy and procedure requirements.

For other policies and procedures such as Discipline and Grievance Policies or other HR related policies, please visit our Main Website

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